Ravisha & Vishal | Destination Wedding | Dubai

We got the privilege to shoot Ravisha & Vishal’s wedding in Dubai this year. It took place at the Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Temple at Jebel Ali, Dubai. They are super chilled out as a couple and have a beautiful story that led them into marriage. We have our groom, Vishal sharing it with us.

We first met when we were in the 8th Grade and were taking extra classes (tuitions). More than liking each other at that point, we used to be competitive and would just sort of talk about the subject or exams and thats it.

Post that My guy friends coincidentally would hang out with a bunch of girls who happened to be Ravisha’s common friends and thats how we again were in touch. Soon we started chatting over MSN and ICQ and hit it off as friends. 

We started dating thanks to Ravisha who basically had the courage to do what i wasnt able to do. She asked me out. This was when were in 16 or so and i did not completely understand love and also wasn’t too sure if i wanted to date someone with whom I was sure to part ways after school as we both would most probably end up at different universities. 

However, we took the plunge and started dating then. As expected after our 12th, Ravisha left for Australia and me for the US. This was when we decided that we shouldn’t date anymore because who expects a long distance relation in completely opposing time zones would work. Even our summer holidays wouldn’t be on the same month as Australia has December as summer. But something made me convince her to keep it going and i am glad we did. 

We passed through the horrid long distance and got back to Dubai post graduation. We have been dating ever since and even decided to put up a business together as marriage was not our priority.

After 10 years of dating, understandably our parents wanted us to get married and so i decided to pop the question.

I proposed to Ravisha on 11th January 2014 exactly 10 years since we started dating. I told her i planned something for her on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary. I took her out shopping, took her for lunch at a restaurant on a pier and then took her to the best Spa in UAE. Finally i took her for dinner under the Burj Khalifa, over looking the Dubai Fountains. After dinner, i handed her one of her favorite chocolates – the kinder egg. After she gobbled it up and opened the part where the kinder surprise is, she found the ring. And outside the restaurant were all our closest friends. 

Memories from the wedding functions are quite a blur, but the actual wedding ceremony/ pheras is what stays with me. Apart from that, just having literally all of our friends and family from all parts of the world attend each function from the start till the end was special.

Advice to all those couples about to get married or already married: We both are very practical and understand that SPACE is important, which we try to give each other.  Also, i feel that everyone needs to understand that not every person is the same. Your spouse will not react to situations the same way like you. So you need to respect their individuality. Furthermore, you shouldn’t do something that you wouldn’t want your spouse to do. Lastly, saying sorry only makes you the bigger person.

Congratulations Ravisha & Vishal! Wishing you a both an amazing journey together ahead.

We have some our favourite moments from their Wedding & After party right here.