The Zuri White Sands Wedding | Saloni & Rushabh


"So - we met Ketan and Manasvi for the first time before our engagement, through a mutual friend. It's been more than a year since then and we've shot so much together - our engagement, pre-wedding photoshoot, all our wedding events and the reception. Each time, we would be surprised by how they keep raising the bar for themselves. Through this journey, they have been like family to us, guiding us where we went wrong with our planning, suggesting quirky ideas, making a checklist of things we need in order to make sure we get gorgeous pictures... From cracking jokes and making us smile to getting us to master their favourite poses, it's been a journey full of smiles, laughs, friendship and a lot of gorgeous pictures."

Saloni & Rushabh’s destination Indian wedding took place at the Zuri White Sands, Goa. What they loved about the venue was the open lawns and the beach. They always wanted a beach wedding and with Zuri, they exactly found what they were looking for making it one of the most amazing properties to host a wedding. 

Their three day destination wedding saw a series of events beginning with the cocktail night. It was a crazy night with a lot of dancing. The following day, they hosted a pool party. It was a floral themed afternoon with all the guests participating in a couple of games, jumping into the pool and having a great time overall. That evening, we witnessed all the families and friends dancing to some of their favourite numbers at the Sangeet. 

Their South Indian styled Mandap Mahurat took place the next morning. All the men were dressed in dhotis and women in traditional South Indian Sarees. They followed all the pre-wedding rituals of doing a puja before the wedding after which Rushabh performed for everybody with his gang of boys which had everybody smiling watching their South Indian moves.

Saloni & Rushabh got married that same evening following a traditional Gujarati ceremony. They have known each other for more than 10 years and the love and warmth they share is evident making them a photographer’s delight. 

A piece of advice from the couple for all those getting married soon: All your lists and pointers will be checked. Everything will take its own course. You WILL have a beautiful wedding. But instead of getting too engrossed into planning your own wedding, let the experts do it and sit back and enjoy the wedding. This is a once in a lifetime thing, the mixed emotions that one feels in this phase, its all a surreal feeling. Sit back and feel it, for it won't ever come back to you.

Saloni & Rushabh, You guys are absolutely stunning!! Thank you for trusting us with this. We love you. Moving on to some of our favourites. 

Venue: Zuri White Sands, Goa

Wedding Planner: My Wedding Planning

Bridal Make up Artist: Hriya Marfatia