Novotel Hotel Wedding Photographer | Sonal & Siddarth

Manasvi & Ketan were simply amazing. As I go through my photos, I feel that every moment was wonderfully captured (minus the stress somehow). It’s funny, how I seem to remember the little messed up things and they’ve managed to capture even the beauty of those moments.

We were a part of this beautiful Marathi-Marwadi Wedding that took place at the Novotel Hotel, Juhu. Both of them reside in New York and wanted to host a wedding in Juhu, close to where Siddarth grew up. Both of them being beach lovers, Novotel was a perfect choice.

Sonal & Siddarth share a wonderful relationship. They are goofy & nerdy as they call themselves. When we asked them to describe their relationship, this is what they had to say: With every passing day, we learn something new about each other or reinforce something. When times were low, it gave us an opportunity to learn and grow together. With all the good and bad experiences, we learnt that as a team, we were simply great.

Sonal, who loves following traditions, celebrated each function with a perfect blend of Marathi & Marwadi customs. It’s amazing to get pampered by your family and see them running around to get everything in place she says.

Their Hindu Wedding was planned with the help of their families. Everything was virtually planned over three different time zones with them being in New York, Sonal’s parents in Dubai & Siddarth’s in Mumbai.

Being Indian Wedding Photographers, we love witnessing events where everybody from different cultures come together to celebrate the union of two people with so much warmth & love.

Sonal & Siddarth, We wish you both an amazing married life. you guys are perfect together. Thank you for letting us be your Wedding Photographers.

Here are some of our favourite images from their Mumbai Wedding.


Special thanks to the Wedding vendors:

Make Up Artist: Reema Patil

Decorators: National Decorators

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